20161109_165220Those who attended Micheal Basinski’s performance at the Elora Poetry Centre in the fall of 2015 will realise how honoured the Elora Poetry Centre felt when The Poetry Collection, Capen Hall, University at Buffalo, mounted a sizable part of the Centre’s Cid Corman collection, from November 2016 until January 2017. Dr. Basinski was head curator of The Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo (formerly SUNY Buffalo), and is also an accomplished poet. Dr. James Maynard, current head curator of the Collection, brought the exhibition to fruition.

The Cid Corman collection consists of books and magazines from his personal library, manuscripts, letters, photographs, audio material, and works of art. These will be digitally available to students in EASIA 391R on this site, though generally unavailable for public access. This resource is intended for class discussions and student projects in the course.

As well, over the years Daniel Bratton purchased a significant portion of the private collection of the editor, poet, photographer, and academic Allen de Loach, who had strong connections to SUNY Buffalo, where he did graduate work. Again, this collection includes audio-visual material, photographs, letters, and books and magazines, with strong connections to the Beats.

will also be made digitally available to students in EASIA 391R.