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Pictured is the maquette of Hanna Boos’s sculpture of the distinguished literary critic and professor Northrop Frye which, in bronze, can be viewed on the campus of Victoria University, University of Toronto. Hanna Boos studied under the sculptor Ingeborg von Rath in Dusseldorf, Germany, and later joined the workshop of the sculptor Frances Gage in Toronto. A friend of the notable Canadian sculptors Frances Loring and Florence Wyle, Gage was connected to the Group of Seven: she produced reliefs of Frederick Varley and A.Y. Jackson in Tom Thomson’s shack. For examples of Hanna Boos’s work, see

Students Blogs:

First Blogs:

By Leena Ismail Ah Abu Shara:

Journal #1- Matsuo Basho-1Journal #1- Matsuo Basho-2Journal #1- Matsuo Basho-3Journal #1- Matsuo Basho-4

By Lea Monique Escano Clarin:


By Fu, Xinyi:

Journal One-Shirley Fu-Han Shan (revised) (Xinyi Fu)-1Journal One-Shirley Fu-Han Shan (revised) (Xinyi Fu)-2

By Jacqueline Luinstra:

Journal 1 FINAL-1Journal 1 FINAL-2

By Zakir Virani:

Thoughts on Han Shan - Blog Post 1-1Thoughts on Han Shan - Blog Post 1-2

By Qing Yang Wang:




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